Manifattura Veneta aims to stay at the center of tradition by innovating it, becoming a reference point for the production of traditional artistic ceramics typical of the Venetian territories. 3 types of Clay and Cotto have been selected rigorously by hand. Over 100 polish recipes with 80 years of history have been reinterpreted and mixed together to obtain fascinating color combinations. With these Collections, the result of research and experimentation lasting more than 2 years, Manifattura Veneta becomes an icon of style and design in the world of traditional Venetian ceramics.


Manifattura Veneta researches and selects the best marbles and natural stones from Italian quarries and the Mediterranean basin. The marble blocks are worked by the skilled hands of our artisans and transformed into splendid design objects such as sinks, shower trays, consoles, floors and custom-made coverings.

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